Dostoevsky claimed that beauty will save the world, and probably he meant beauty in all its hints and shades, just like the idea of world embraced both the idea of man as individual and the idea of man as the one who’s born from two people.

The story of the Ring of the Volcanoes begins and develops with the passion and the idea that there is an ideal beauty, which only love can see, arouse and originate.

Back in the summer of 1997, a boy who had never left his island, Stromboli, went on a trip, which for a "normal" individual could be something ordinary, but was a real venture for the guy, since he had never crossed the sea to get elsewhere before. Having discovered that, besides being a goldsmith, I am one of the few stone cutters in the Aeolian Islands, he decided he had to come to Lipari, in my jewelry, to fulfill his desire: he wanted me to work on a stone taken on the volcano for him, and to cut facets out of it just like a diamond. The reason that had pushed him to overcome his fear of traveling and to get to me, almost as if it were a vital mission, was connected to the love he felt for a girl, who was far away from him, and to whom he wanted to give a piece of his land, and therefore a part of himself, but only in the form of a diamond. I tried in all possible ways to explain him that his request was impossible to satisfy, being lava a porous, imperfect and irregular rock, whose surfaces, though smooth, do not allow to make a cut like the one he wanted. However, despite my efforts, he kept insisting. He could not accept a “no” as an answer, and the reason was his mad love for this girl. He only aimed at going back to Stromboli holding what he wanted in his hand: the cut of a diamond on a stone that could not support it in any way, since in his mind it identified with his love. His obstinacy and, somehow, also the despair we both felt, pushed me to convince him that I needed one month to think about what to do so as to please him.

Thanks to his "desperate" insistence, to the exponentially developed passion and to the love he felt for this girl, as well as to my perseverance, the Ring of the Volcanoes was created. I started to go around with the volcano stone in my pocket and the story of the guy in my head: the guy who had climbed the Stromboli - which he called IDDU - to get a piece of lava stone. He told me in dialect “pigghiai un pezzo di IDDU per IDDA” (I took a piece of HIM for HER), which meant giving her a fragment of his volcano, and hence, a fundamental part of himself. Thinking of the lava melting temperature of 1300 degrees, and of that of 1000 degrees of gold, I had the idea of a ring that fused together two materials, which are so different but yet capable of joining together as, after all, it happens with love. A faith that is the symbol of such an intense and mad obstinacy, passion and love to overcome any limit.

Since at that time there were not available equipment, I invented some machineries to get lava and gold fused together at different temperatures, and before delivering to him the wedding ring, I patented it.

Since then, the Ring of the Volcanoes has become a symbol of passion and love that, thanks to the internet and the Aeolian Islands - a wonderful window on the world -, has reached both far and near places. Its diffusion is for me a source of pride and, given the excitement and satisfaction I feel whenever a couple chooses it as their marriage ring, engagement ring, or every time somebody chooses it simply as a ring, I would like to ensure that it reaches as many people as possible and that it arrives in all countries in the world, since, bringing Dostoevsky and his concept of beauty into this story again, I believe that such a beautiful thing can save and preserve the happy part of each of us.